*Critical Thinking Content
This section of the program includes a summary of a successful program (a “case study”). Find a book, journal article, or website describing a successful PSM program. Describe the PSM program in your own words. The case study does not need to be related to our scenario organization or to other sections of the paper you have written so far. Your selection could be similar to the material in Appendices II and III that I have shared with you here, but do not use these are your example. The purpose of this section is to show your boss the positive results that a PSM program can have.
Once again, remember your target audience and your ultimate goal. Present your information in a convincing manner in an effort to demonstrate how important a PSM metrics program will be to the organization. The goal of this section is to demonstrate to your boss the benefits of a PSM program.
Remember your target audience and your ultimate goal once more. Present your information convincingly in order to demonstrate the importance of a PSM metrics program to the organization.
This assignment should:
Briefly describe the organization.
Identify the metrics used.
Describe the improved behavior or performance.
Describe the methods which brought success.

Also, this assignment should be
Written in APA format.
Include a cover page containing the title of the paper (the name of the company – Metrics Program Proposal), your name, and the date.
Include a second page that begins with the heading Process Safety Metrics Program – A Successful Case Study.
Include a reference page written in APA format.
Be a minimum of 500 words.

References could be material from the reading assignment and/or any other resource(s) that support your argument to implement a PSM metrics program.
After you submit it, I will make comments and suggest revisions, which you should incorporate before submitting the complete PSM metrics program.

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