Choose a type of Forensic Expert that would be required to testify in criminal court.

 First describe how you would prepare for court and what you would wear.

Secondly, provide a minimum of 10 questions you would expect the prosecution to ask and a list of 10 questions you would expect the defense to counter with. (Do not forget Voir Dire questioning)

Thirdly, explain how you would prepare and present the evidence to the jury.

Finally, include an example of a court exhibit attached with your essay paper. Do not copy an image from the internet; work is to be your own creation. Using your crime scene sketch from Project 1 or Fingerprint diagram from Project 2 isnot permitted.

Examples may include but are not limited to:

* Diagram showing the basic characteristics used for identification for evidence such as fingerprints, firearms, paint, or hair

* Mark-up of an enlarged photograph showing important details of a crime scene such as an aerial photograph showing the path taken by a suspect

* Fingerprint Chart showing both the unknown and known prints that were compared.

* Ballistics Chart showing 2 exhibits of ammunition that were compared.

* short video narrating a mock crime scene of your choosing

The essay portion of this assignment is to be in APA format and a minimum of 2 pages in length. References are to be cited and all must be of appropriate academic quality.

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