Write 150 word response to question below in bold. The two pargraph help understand the discusssion topic to help answer question in bold. Response to question needs to be in paragraph form writing style. Need to cite and reference to support answer given.




Goal setting is dependent upon the individual assessment.  I would associate it as a relationship between a dependent and an independent variable. The independent variable would be the individual assessment and the dependent variable would be the goal setting.  An example of this may be someone who has issues of anger management but was not considered to be mentally ill.  In the assessment the client demonstrated behavior associated with anger and impulse control but failed to meet the criteria for mental illness.  The appropriate intervention would be based on the assessment while all the time keeping the goal setting in mind.  The assessment determines the intervention and the intervention is the vessel or mechanism to achieve the client’s goal.


Response about first discussion:


Thanks for hopping on board and I like how you mentioned that the goals we will set depend upon the assessment we conduct. It means that our assessment is extremely important so we can set the appropriate and proper goals with the client. “With” was the other important piece because we want the client to participate in setting goals. After all, it is what they will be working on, we want them interested invested and motivated. I like to think of it this way, if someone gives me a goal and I feel like I have to reach, I might work toward it, maybe slowly as I am not very interested or invested, it wasn’t anything important to me. But…. if I get to set my own goals, we all choose things important to us, something we are motivated about etc and it means we will more than likely make greater efforts if we are actually invested in it. We want that collaboration with the client for sure. 


The Question that needs to be answered:


We want the client to have a sense of direction and feel empowered by that. What are some of the other impacts that having a sense of direction may have on the client? Thoughts everyone?

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