Reflecting on your own experience as a health practitioner or leader

Reflective Essay: Please select ONE of the following topics:
This is an individual assessment. Students must not collude with each other.
Please select ONE of the following topics:
Reflecting on your own experience as a health practitioner or leader, explain a situation where the organisation that you were working in underwent a planned change. Identify and justify a theoretical basis that either underpinned the change or should have underpinned the planned change. Your reflection should also refer to the concepts of effective communication, resistance to change and ethical leadership.
Reflect on two different leadership approaches and compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches in a healthcare environment. Justify the leadership approach you would adopt in leading staff in a health-related setting.
Please review the information on Reflective Writing on your LEO site or access the Academic Skills Unit site, available below, as students are expected to highlight what they have learnt from these reflections
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Version Sem_2, 2020
Whichever topic you choose, you will need to access and reference at least six (6) peer-reviewed journal articles, as well as textbook/s to help you deepen and expand your reflections for this assessment task.
**Please note that a similarity of 15% is unacceptable.
Due date: Friday 28/08/2020 by 23:59 hrs
Weighting: 30%
Length and/or format: 1500 words (+/- 10%)
Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is to give students an opportunity to receive feedback on their ability to reflect on an issue, on writing an essay and to identify the areas to improve upon before attempting the next assessment. The assessment will help students to understand and analyse issues related to their personal leadership skills and style.
Learning outcomes assessed: 1, 2
How to submit: Submit your assessment in a WORD document (not pdf) via LEO Turnitin – Assessments should be saved with the file name “HLSC605 Assessment 1 with your Surname first and Initial following” [e.g., HLSC605 Assessment 1 Smith R]
Return of assignment: Marked submissions will be available for review through Turnitin.
Assessment criteria: Please refer to the relevant marking criteria for Assignment Task 1, attached to this Unit Outline. Please include the word count of your assignment on the front page of your assignment or in a header. Please note that in-text citations are included in the word count whilst the reference list is not included in the word count. Words that are more than 10% over the word count will not be considered for marking.
The following texts are recommended:
Barr, J., & Dowding, L. (2019). Leadership in health care (4th ed.). London: Sage.
Lussier, R. N., & Achua, C. F. (2016). Leadership: Theory, application, & skill development (6th ed.). Boston, MA: South-Western/Cengage Learning.
Northouse, P. (2019). Leadership: Theory and practice. U.S.: Sage Publications.
Other recommended references
Gopee, N., & Galloway, J. (2014). Leadership and management in health care (2nd ed.). London: Sage.
Keyko, K. (2014). Work engagement in nursing practice: A relational ethics perspective. Nursing Ethics, 21(8), 879 – 889.
Kouzes, J. M. & Posner, B. Z. (2017). The leadership challenge: How to make extraordinary things happen in organizations (6th ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
Northouse, P. G. (2015). Leadership: Theory and practice. U.S.: Sage Publications.
Wood, J., Zeffane, R., Fromholtz M., Weisner, R., Morrison, R., Factor, A., … & Osborn, R. (2016). Organisational behaviour: Core concepts and applications. (4th Australasian ed.). Milton, QLD: John Wiley & Sons, Australia, Ltd.

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