Reflective Journal 1 Prompt
Now that we are in Week 2, please reflect on what you have learned so far about the skills and/or time investment necessary to complete this course successfully. Take this opportunity to consider any additional support you might need in terms of additional resources, guidance, and/or instructional support.

Reflective Journal Instructions
Critical reflection has been used as a successful learning approach in higher education for years. Before beginning any assignment, my recommendation is to first look at the grading rubric(see attached). Once you have carefully read any grading rubric, you should have a good idea of where to start on the assignment. For the Reflective Journal entry grading rubric, the required elements of the grading rubric are:

Grammar & Spelling
There are many ways to organize your journal entry but my recommendation is to use complete paragraphs. A minimum of two paragraphs (consisting of a minimum of four sentences) will likely be necessary to adequately address all of the elements of the grading rubric.

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