Title: My First day of Nursing school

APA format

At least 1 ½ pages in length (not including the title page), double-spaced with margins at 1”, be in Times New Roman font size 12, and include a title page, title, page number, running head, and headers.

Cover each section without repeating content in another part. The material needs to be thoroughly covered in a clear, brief, concise manner.

This reflection is an evaluation of one moment that made you stop, think, and reflect on nursing practice.

Section 1: Summarize your thoughts after your first clinical skills lab for Clinical Nursing Foundations.

Section 2: Discuss a personal strength that you feel will benefit your clinical group.

Section 3: What did you learn today that you feel will be vital to your nursing practice, and why?

At least one reference from a peer-reviewed journal (no older than 5 years) is a requirement for this journal.

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