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The intent of this assignment is to allow the student to write a research paper and propose a solution to a public issue. Remembering that this course is “Entrepreneurial Governance,” the student will take an actual public problem and employ the “Entrepreneurial Governance Framework” within one of the three streams studied in this course. You get to be the Public Entrepreneur!
This is a different approach to doing a “traditional” research assignment and since there is a diversity of styles used in the public and non-profit sectors measured against the complication of time limited by the term schedule, a more narrowly focused proscription will be offered for this course. It is essential in the very limited time we have in the term to have fairly tight guidelines for this project. Follow the instructions carefully and completely to be successful.
Follow the APA style for research papers and write no less than 15 pages and no more than 20 pages, with the following sections (hint: use the actual sections as your header titles too):
·Introduction: No more than one page; overview of the problem you have selected, how you intend to pursue it, and your recommendations.
·Literature Review: Multiple pages; this is where you pull together the knowledge that later informs your recommendations; meaning, you have to draw from multiple sources of knowledge to support the argument and recommendations you offer.
·Discussion/Recommendations: Multiple pages; what did you learn from the Literature Review and Generated: 12/3/2019
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how does it shape into the context of addressing your problem. Recommendations will be specific and include reasonable assumptions regarding resources needed to implement (costs, personnel, equipment, etc.).
·Implications/Conclusion: No more than two pages; in a world of competitive proposals, ideas, and politics, what does it all mean and why would this be of interest to others?
·Reference List: Does not count toward 20 page limit; here’s a clue –this is the first section I check to see how much work was done on the project; APA requires that only those references actually used in the paper appear in the list, and in alphabetical order.
·Tables/Graphs/Addenda: Any additional supporting material you would like to include is placed here.
A narrative should stand on its own merit; the supporting material only complements what you have written. Use the names of the section headings in your submission (i.e., Introduction). The Literature Review will contain the research material you have uncovered to help you with your direction. In addition to relevant theory and practice literature, you will wish to include a brief history of the problem you have selected and why your proposal is timely to address this problem.
Grading will be based on the completeness of the project relative to the problem selected and public entrepreneurship, as well as how you have complied with the instructions, how well the summary is integrated with class readings and discussions, and how the summary integrates the strengths and weaknesses of the topic as it relates to the public and non-profit sectors.
Your agency believes you have done such an outstanding job in recommending this proposal that you will also be assigned to present it to your stakeholders for approval. It is fairly common for administrators to present their work in front of peers, managers, community groups, and elected officials – to name a few. You will too. The procedure will be fairly straightforward. At a minimum, you will assemble a “voice over” PowerPoint presentation.
All research projects and presentations will be submitted the final week of the term, and no later than 11:59 PM EST on the final day. No project will be accepted after the due date. You can always submit early, but not late.
Special Note: The Research Paper and the Research Presentation are separately submitted items, with the PowerPoint summarizing your Research Paper for presenting to others. If there is any confusion or questions, do not hesitate to ask the professor.
Additional Research Information: The written submission for the research activity will follow the APA Style (Times Roman 12 point font, double-spaced typing, with one inch margins all around, etc.). Students will use a standard method of noting references (again, APA style). Students may use the endnote or footnote style, whichever better suits them. P oor writing quality will produce a substantially lower grade. Proper spelling, grammar, and syntax are important. In the age of spell and grammar check, there are no excuses for simple proofreading errors. The project will be posted in the Canvas course web page in the grading center in Word format, the presentation in PowerPoint.
References for research can be a real problem area for those who do not take graduate school research seriously enough to be successful. The internet is a very tricky place for doing research, because so much of it is not academic or not true (or both). The “Wikipedia” site may be nice to read, but it is not considered an academic research site! Use academic journals, books, and articles, like the ones assigned for your reading assignments. There are academic reference search engines too. You may also use government documents – not the opinion of those who write about them. Government documents are a great source as publicly released information and are usually free. Most “think tanks” are partisan or ideologically based

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