The Preference of an Online Course

Online courses that are taken lead to disengagement within students and lack of preparation in the studies and material versus going to class and having a different type of knowledge. Students tend to do exceptional in the classroom setting due to grasping the concepts better and becoming a proactive learner. A student’s preference to decide what works best for them should not be forced, but instead may be recommended. Each individual knows what works well for their studies and what is beneficial for their future. Many people have a different point of view for school and would rather choose to be on campus and not take an online course. In my opinion, high school students should not be required to take an online course before graduation. This only puts extra stress and pressure on the students because it adds on another requirement for graduation. While attending high school, all the students have certain criteria, need to have enough credits, and curriculum that they must meet. However, when it comes to these aspects, it would make sense for students to follow along the school’s rules to be able to graduate on stage and receive the diplomas that specific day.
For some students, taking an online course is a disadvantage because it is not an effective way of learning due to the fact that there is no face-to-face interaction with the teachers and classmates. It may also be harder to build relationships with others and form study groups with their peers in order to study and review for exams. The course is not taken in an active level. I believe that this is the age that the students need to be in a classroom, interact with others in order for them to know how to act when they move forward to college next.
Students who would agree to take an online class need to self-study and teach themselves all the material. Many teachers/professors record each session and post it on the program that they are using for future preference, in order for students to go back and forth with that video which is an advantage. There is one thing that would be a good outcome from this, would be the fact that it would make the student more independent from a young age. In order for one to be successful they need to take the stairs, there is no elevator to that path. This statement proves that when it comes to one’s learning, individuals need to take over all the tasks and pressure to have a comfortable life at the end. Online courses should only be an option for students starting from college-level courses in order to maintain high grades to be acknowledged next in university. High school students get adjusted to time management during those years, however it might be difficult for them to ensure they meet deadlines and make sure to keep track of their activities and other assignments they encountered from their own schedule while being on campus. With this being said, every individual has their own personality, strengths and weaknesses, therefore this should not be mandatory.

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