Based on the assigned readings and our interactions throughout week 7 you should have a firm understanding of the future of airport operations.   Your assignment is to write a research paper discussing the impact of newer larger aircraft on airport management.  Questions that you should answer, but are not limited to include:

1. What are the effects on airport design and the frequency of airport pavement replacement and repairs?  
2. What are the effects on taxiway and apron separations?
3. What are the effects on gate capacity and baggage handling operations? 4. What are the effects on aircraft servicing operations?  If you have questions please ask.
Based on material covered in the class, the student should identify the problem/situation, provide a resolution/approach, give a rationale to your approach and expected outcome/conclusion. This project will be presented in APA format and the writing requirement described in the Policies section of this syllabus. The project is graded on contents, grammar, and format. Minimum word should be 2000 words with a minimum of 3-5 outside references. References should only be used to enhance your work not replace it.

Caution: Wikipedia is not a credible academic resource.

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