Tableau Dashboard Research Essay
Please read the posted article by Tamara Scott and watch the sample dashboard video: Imagine that you have graduated and are now working at your dream job (anything related to marketing). Find an actual business job description in your field and cut & paste that summary into your document as an Appendix. Next, think about the decision-making required for your job, and research the type of business analytics dashboard needed for that position.
1. Briefly, describe the dream company you would like to work for upon graduation and your desired position at the company, or perhaps a promotion at your existing company. Does the position list any dashboard experience as a required or preferred skill?
2. In your own words, describe the types of decisions you will need to make at your new job or position.
3. Research the top dashboard companies in your field. Select and describe a dashboard that you think your company should use.
4. Describe why this dashboard is a good fit for your area of decision-making. Be sure to include concepts and visualization types from the content and readings (1.5 pages)
5. MLA formatted Works Cited as your third page and appendix containing your sample job description as page 4
6. Submit as Word Doc or PDF file.
7. Need to have 2-page minimum for your essay

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