Taking a look at employment law in one of the leading law firm in Los Angeles, Chart and Austin .It states that the law relating to employment relationship is based on the master /servant relationship Salvatore ,P.& Gutman ,A.M.(2003)..Basically the servant work on the direction of the master v and engages in work for the benefit of the master .In return the ,the master compensates the servant for his or her labor .The master chooses the servant ,train the servant in in his or her duties.

Basically ,the law of agency applies where the agent works for and represent the principal .Moreover the agent relationship to the typical work place relationship of employer or employees .In Chart and Austin employment law firm vicarious liability has been put into place .Basically this is the imposition of liability on one party for the wrong on another .Liability may extend from an employee to the employer if the employees is acting within the scope of his or her employment at the time the liability arose .

On the rights of the employee ,employees have the right to refrain from engaging in these activities or to seek to remove a union from the workplace .However an employer may in a state where such agreement are permitted enter into a lawful union security clause .Employees have the right under NLRA .The law protects employers from certain activities example labor union may not limit their productivity.

FLSA provides that ,the minimum age of employment is 17 years ,working hours are restricted and no one should work on hazardous environment ,on the other side law wages are eliminated ,although increase in minimum wage are always controversial with employers ,congress has raised minimum wage numerous time over the years.

Salvatore ,P.& Gutman ,A.M.(2003).Legal trends: The Risk of international Torts, HR Magazine.

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