Task 5

Task 5 – OSCOLA Referencing

At the end of the week students should prepare a one page summary on surveillance and rights to privacy. This activity sheet should contain information about issues in privacy law based around the prompts below. Further, your sheet should have some ideas or areas for reforming the law. This is an individual task and is designed to allow you to reflect on your own learning for this unit. The sheet should be capable of being used as a valuable revision aid at the end of this module; and as such is retained for your own use.



Step 1

Consider the following;

What is meant by a ‘private and family life’?

Should ‘celebrities’ be given the same levels of protection as ‘non-celebrities’ under Art 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights, the right to a private and family life?

How does our usage of social media effect our right to a ‘private and family life’? Should our usage of social media effect our right to a ‘private and family life’?

Step 2

Create a one page summary sheet.

Step 3

Add any relevant terminology to the glossary


You should write no more than one A4 page for this task (300 words)

Please make sure that you correctly cite and reference all secondary sources used- OSCOLA footnotes

We are to use laws and legislation within the UK.

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