Part 1

Use your Organizational Change: An Action-Oriented Toolkit text to practice thinking about environmental forces facing an organization you are familiar with and their implications. For this discussion, use the PEST analysis completed in Toolkit Exercise 1.2 and this unit’s resources to respond to the following:

Describe at least one action that can be taken to move each of the factors from VUCA to VUCA prime.

Part 2

Review Table 1.3, Managerial Roles and Organizational Change, in your Organizational Change: An Action-Oriented Toolkit text, paying particular attention to the descriptions of each of the five roles. For context, use the organization in which you work or an organization that you are familiar with.

Think about changes, large or small, that have taken place in your selected organization and respond to the following:

What role were you in when the change occurred? How did it feel to be in that role as part of the change?
What were the outcomes of that change?
What advice would you have for others about to experience a similar change in their organization?

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