Unit 3 Peer Response (Due Sunday)
Unidentified Condition Recap and Response: Cortisol, Bone Loss  

In phase two of the Unit 3 discussion, watch or read the presentation posts created by your classmates and consider the information presented.
Assuming the role of a healthcare professional in training, respond via a video or written presentation to (a minimum) of one classmate. Written presentation responses should be a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs in length per each of the questions listed below.
In the  written presentation response post, include the following:

Summarize the rationalizations given by your classmate. Has your classmate changed their diagnosis opinion?
Outline the aspects in which you agreed and disagreed with their week 3 conclusions and why.
Provide an additional opportunity and positive impact upon their presentation by expanding upon one aspect of your classmate’s conclusions from week 3 with further research.
Within your video or written presentation, please be certain to validate your opinions and ideas while disclosing the sources utilized within your video presentation or written presentation (APA format).

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