Visit the Healthy Debate website and select a blog entry from the past two years (in the opinions section) that relates to the content provided in this course (e.g., modules, required readings (articles and textbook chapters), discussion board topics etc.).
in 4 pages Answer the following questions for your assignment:
What is the main argument(s) made by the author?
Do you agree or disagree with the author? Why or why not?
How does the content/insights shared by the author relate to the content provided in this course?
Will addressing the issue(s) outlined by the author lead to improvements for individuals? For the health care system? Both? How? Do some people stand to benefit while others lose out? Please explain.
Using the four questions above as headings, the assignment must be no more than 4 pages (this does not include the cover page and APA formatted reference list) typed, double spaced, with standard 1″ margins in a 12 point font using APA referencing style. As an appendix, please include the link and the text of the blog.

The article to use is attached. and a lecture is provided

Will we sacrifice primary care at the altar of pandemic recovery?

use APA

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