Week 12 Interactive Activity

1.Submission Instructions

To assess your ability to:

Explain the role of corporate governance.

Discuss the role and rights of shareholders in a publicly traded corporation. Discuss shareholders’ roles and rights in a publicly traded corporation.

Explain various methods of allocating power within a corporation.

Explain different ways of allocating power within a corporation (Berle and Means thesis).

Identify comparable legal theories and concepts under Saudi Companies Law.

Discuss the interrelationship between members (shareholders), directors, creditors, the public and the Company and the role, powers and duties of such persons.

Action Items

Write an analysis of the roles/rights and responsibilities of Shareholders, Directors, and Officers in the governance of a Corporation. In your analysis discuss the various ways shareholders control major decisions of a corporation, influence the decisions, or take actions to result in change management in policy of a corporation.

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