The most popular means for terrorist groups to raise and transmit funds in the United States are charitable and nongovernmental organizations. Some charities have been abused by terrorists, who have redirected money meant for humanitarian purposes to terrorism. For example, Hamas, the Palestinian militant organization, used the Holy Land Foundation, a US charity organization, to fund its terrorist activities.

For this assignment, review the subject of terrorism financing. Read the case of Mohammed and Chawki Hamoud, two brothers who lived in North Carolina and raised millions of dollars for Hezbollah.

Mohamad Youssef Hammoud sentenced to 30 years in terrorism financing case

Prepare a 5-page report in Microsoft Word that covers the following points.

Describe the mechanics of the Hamoud brothers’ operation. Show specifically how they managed to raise so much money.
Identify and explain the specific laws that were broken.
Discuss Hezbollah, including their mission and history. What might that group have used the money for?
Describe the other ways that Hezbollah receives funding and from whom.
Evaluate the efforts being made by counterterrorism authorities to identify and disrupt operations designed to raise money for terror groups.

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