The seven dimensions of ABA identified in your text and the Baer, Wolf, and Risley article, are the guiding principles for the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. As a developing professional, it is important to understand the dimensions because each one is relevant to the work of a behavior analyst.

For this assignment, refer to the following articles assigned in the study for this unit:

• Krentz, Miltenberger, and Valbuena’s “Using Token Reinforcement to Increase Walking for Adults With Intellectual Disabilities.”

• Marsic, Berman, Barry, and McCloskey’s “The Relationship Between Intentional Self-Injurious Behavior and the Loudness Dependence of Auditory Evoked Potential in Research Volunteers.”

Then complete the following:

• Identify which of the articles is behavior analytic and which is not, and provide an explanation for your choice.

• Be sure to identify which of the seven dimensions of ABA are present in the behavior analytic article.

• Analyze why the other article is not behavior analytic. How do you know the seven dimensions are not present?

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