Next, using some of the methods and suggested resources described in Chapter 4 and any additional sources, conduct preliminary research on the 4 Cs (consumers, competitors, company, and climate) of the organization, individual, team, or facility for your final project. Then, in a 3- to 4-paragraph journal assignment, address the following:

Consumers: Who are the current or potential consumers for your sport organization, individual, team, or facility? What do you know about them? What don’t you know but would like to?
Competitors: Who are the major competitors for your organization, individual, team, or facility? Discuss some of their strengths or weaknesses.
Company: What makes your organization, individual, team, or facility unique compared to the competitors? What is the specific appeal to existing consumers? How could it appeal to a new target consumer? Explain your reasoning.
Climate: What is happening in the climate of your organization, individual, team, or facility? Does this create more opportunities or challenges? Explain.
As you complete this journal assignment, start thinking about how this information can be used in a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis, which you will be preparing in Module Three as part of Milestone One for your final project.

Keep in mind that in this course, you are not expected to conduct primary research, but rather you are being asked to demonstrate research skills by finding secondary information available to the public.

After conducting preliminary research, the current and potential consumers for my chosen organization, a professional basketball team, are primarily sports enthusiasts, basketball fans, and those seeking entertainment. The team has a diverse fan base, including families, young adults, and older individuals. However, I would like to know more about their demographics, such as age, gender, income level, and geographical location. Additionally, I would like to know more about their motivations for attending games, such as loyalty to the team, player preferences, or the desire for a social experience.

The major competitors for my chosen organization are other professional basketball teams in the league. Some of their strengths include having well-known and highly skilled players, a larger fan base, and more financial resources. However, some of their weaknesses may include inconsistent performance, weaker branding, or a lack of fan engagement.

The unique qualities that make my chosen organization stand out include their strong brand identity, a successful track record, and a loyal fan base. Their specific appeal to existing consumers is their exciting and high-energy gameplay, as well as their community involvement and outreach programs. To appeal to a new target consumer, they could focus on offering more affordable ticket packages, promoting their family-friendly atmosphere, and highlighting the star players’ accomplishments and accolades.

Currently, the climate of my chosen organization is highly competitive, with other teams constantly striving to attract and retain fans. However, this creates opportunities for the organization to differentiate itself by promoting its unique qualities and creating innovative marketing strategies. Additionally, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for the organization, such as limited fan attendance and financial constraints. Still, this presents an opportunity to focus on alternative revenue streams and developing new fan engagement strategies.

Overall, this preliminary research provides valuable insights into the organization’s current and potential consumers, competitors, unique qualities, and the current climate. This information will be useful in conducting a SWOT analysis and developing a comprehensive strategy for the final project.

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