Windows Network Proposal – Networking
CMIT-370/7984, Fall 2018, OL4

You have been hired by “Fixing Windows LLC” as an Information Technology consultant to develop a technology proposal. “Fixing Windows LLC” manufactures and distributes solar panel for the consumer market. Your job is to submit a proposal for their networking requirements that help their operations. The submission will be with at least one diagram to show the network layout for the three sites and a Server list table. It may include additional diagrams, charts or tables if needed.

Current Implementation/Concerns:
• The company has 3 locations (Rockville, McLean, and Richmond) with about 200 users. The company is planning to grow rapidly due to the high demand in solar panels. Main staff will be at McLean and Richmond offices.
• There will be employees work for the same departments located at both McLean and Richmond offices and need to share department data.
• Data security is priority since patent and trademarks are at stake.
• Rockville sales personnel need secure remote access to Richmond office.
• The WAN connectivity is in place and not an issue. There is ample bandwidth in place.
• Feel free to make other assumptions but they need to be noted in the paper.

Topics to Cover:
Your document should cover the content presented in the course. The outline below contains the points needed to be covered. You are free to add other related information.

Describe the technical and business reasons for each choice, citing other resources as appropriate. The Windows Server 2016 operating system should be used for all aspects of the solution.

The topics include:

(1) AD/DNS and DHCP
• How many AD domains will be in the design? What will be the domain names?
• How had DHCP installation and authorization been implemented?
• DHCP scope design (e.g., lease times, number of scopes, address range)
• How DHCP fault tolerance will be implemented?
• Will DHCP reservations be used for servers?
• How can IPAM be utilized?
• How will IPv6 be utilized?
• How will DNS be implemented?
• How DNS Security issues are addressed?
• How will DNS be handled for the second and third site?
• What namespace should “Fixing Windows LLC” implement?
• What types of DNS zones are needed?

(2) File Services, Distributed File System (DFS) and BranchCache:
• How will the shares be secured?
• Will quotas be used? FSRM be configured?
• How DFS and/or BranchCache be implemented?

(3) Remote Services and Network Policy Server (NPS):
• What technology will be implemented to provide secure remote access for users?
• Who should have remote access?

(4) Discuss the other Server 2016 networking concepts that can be used in this scenario:
• High Performance Network Solutions
• Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

Submission Requirements:
There are specific requirements for the assignment: The final submission should contain at least 7 pages’ worth of text written by the student (not counting title page, images, diagrams, tables, or quotations). It may be longer, not to exceed approximately 10 pages’ worth of student-supplied text, (with the required diagram, and other images, title page, etc., the final submission may end up being more than 10 pages in length.) It must be double-spaced, have 1-inch margins, and use 12-point Times New Roman or 10-point Arial/Helvetica font. A title page is required.

• At least one network layout diagram must be included to show the network layout for the three sites (not counted towards the minimum length described above). Without the diagram, you may lose 12 out of 100 points for the paper. Additional diagrams, images, or tables are welcomed.
• The submission must cover all of the 4 major topics outlined above. Each choice should be explained with technical and business reasoning. The solution should be reasonably detailed.
• Provide a Server List table to summarize the design and the servers are used. Below is an example.
Site Server FQDN OS Version Roles Physical/Virtual
McLean Server 2016 DataCenter Domain Controller Physical
Richmond Server 2016 Standard Core File/Print Server Virtual
Rockville Server 2016 Standard RODC Physical
… … … …. ….
* The table needs to contain at least the 5 columns above. You can add more if needed.
* You must include the table as formatted above to list servers on each site with their roles.
Without the table, you may lose 15 out of 100 points for the paper.

• The structure of the final submission should be organized logically and represent a single, unified solution. It is required that the format will include separate sections for each of the 4 topics discussed, as well as a summary section in the end.
• At least three non-textbook, non-LabSim, and non-Wikipedia references are required (total three); preferably, this would be a “best practice” guide or similar content from Microsoft or an experienced provider of Microsoft solutions.
• The paper submitted needs to be in MS Word or Adobe PDF format. The naming convention for the submitted file name is “Last Name, First Name Windows Paper”. Please keep all contents with diagrams and tables in one single file for submission.
• The paper needs to be submitted to both and LEO Assignment.
• Be sure to properly quote or cite any sources used. APA format is required for in-text citations and the list of works cited at the end. It is expected that you are already familiar with UMUC’s “Policy on Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism.” It is available in the Academic Policies section of the Syllabus; there are also links in the Webliography. In its simplest form, if you are using text from a source, you must cite and/or quote it. If plagiarism is found, then there will be a penalty to the grade.

Research Proposal
Computer Sciences and Information Technology
The main approach in this paper is fixing the windows for LLC through developing a proposal to solve the problem. LLC manufacturers deal with the best quality products of solar panels to meet their customer’s needs. Currently the company conducts its business in three locations which includes Rockville, McLean and Richmond, though the company is willing to expand to other locations across the world due to high demand from the customers. Therefore the security of the customer’s data is very important in this approach. Proper safety is needed to achieve good protections of the patent and trademarks. The staffs of the company are working in Richmond and McLean while the sales department is located in Rockville. The LLC Company is going to adopt the Windows Server 2016 because it provides features that are more secure in terms of data and the management. Therefore the process of implementing the project consist of the Windows Server 2012, the cover policy, file services, DNS, the windows server service, active directory and remote services. However, the whole process also includes the measures of controlling the domain names, access to the offices that are located in the remote areas and maintaining the whole network. The security of the customer’s data is an important consideration while implementing this proposal.
Active directory
Active directory is important because it shows on where to use the regional model and domain trees with the aim of ensuring that data is secured. Thus for the purpose of making the Active Directory, a regional model is employed whereby a single location is located at forest root and the rest of the location are designed as regional domain trees. In this case Richmond acts as the root domain and Rockville together with McLean acts as regional domains. In the process of incorporating the Active Directory and Domain Name System, the data of DNS is always stored in an Active Directory. This approach improves the security of the data.


The process of ensuring that there is security in the forests should be a combined effort of each element that is having the Active directory. Thus the forests define the security inside the borders. The domain name for Rockville is, for the McLean it is and for Richmond it is denoted as
The regional model is important in helping to open other branches at any given point on the site and connects the location to the rest of the company. The regional model strengthens the network through the addition of important security features which are very important to the client and the company. It is important to do the analysis on how many areas will need the domain controllers and how areas where they will be located. The WAN line is located between the domain and traffic over. The WAN are used in minimising the cost of the whole system. The native server is not necessary used in the remote server because it has the individual DC. The DC is normally used to answer to the security of the authentication that is located in the windows server domain. The DC is important because in allowing the access of the resources of window domain on a server of the network of the window. The DC must be incorporated by using the DNS. The Active Directory is very important in providing security to the forests.
The domain has a controller which doesn’t need the processes of logging in at any given point thus saving on time and unnecessary costs. Through the incorporation of the Windows Server 2016 and using the Reading Only Domain Controllers (RODC) , the management of the network is easy. The controller only hosts the read only data on the active directory database. It holds information such as passwords, the complete directory objects and their corresponding attributes in the controller with the domain that is writable. There are no changes that are made on the domain that is found on the RODC. The changes will therefore be made on the writable domain and then later sent to RODC. The domain is designed to operate in the offices that are located in the remote areas. In this case, Rockville hosts the controller of the primary domain while Mclean has a read only domain controller which has a remove access to the server. This provides the branch offices to have a rapid and good authentication services.
The active directory uses several databases that provide the flexibility in making the changes that takes place in the controller and the domain. The multiple updates from the domain controllers are controlled by a single master operations role.
However installing and authorization of the DHCP is very important so that the server can distribute the IP address to Active directories. During authorization, one must use the user account which is a component of the enterprise admin.
The DHCP scope design involves a number of factors such as lease times, number of scope and address range. The design for the lease time should be in a manner that it corresponds to the general outline of the Active Directory. The number of scopes depends on the complexity of the network. The address range is within the three stations though there is future expansion to cover other region that will house many of the directories.
DHCP fault tolerance is implemented through the two approaches which are Load Balance Mode where the servers are active at the same time hence allowing the sharing of the load. The Host Standby Mode is a situation where one DHCP is active while the other one is active.
The DHCP reservations will be used for the servers to provide a permanent IP address assignment that will be reserved for important and consistent clients.
The IPAM address will be utilized through the Windows Server 2016. The IPAM will be utilised through supporting the DNS resource record and the DNS zone management. It supports all the role based access control in all the domain system.
The IPv6 will be utilised through Widows Server 2016. The Window Sever uses the next generation of TCP/IP which allows the inclusion of IPv6. The Windows Server 2016 allows the communication with IPv6. The IPV6 is utilised because it has a larger address, It is more efficient in routing and easy to configure.
The DNS are used to access the information over the internet. The users access the internet through the domain name which includes the domain names such as The interaction of the browser through the internet protocol address allows the DNS to convert the domain name to the IP address and hence the results are displayed on the internet. The DNS is used to name the systems in the computer and other resources that are located on the private network platform or other devices that are found on the internet. The process involves the assignment of host name to one of the stations for example the Rockville and the host is located in TCP/IP network. The host name is assigned to one of the administrators in a specific location. The most challenge is to make a name space of the DNS with the active directory because it should not match what exists on the internet. The namespace that previously exist on the internet could create name resolution problem for the internal customers. The domain name space is where the DNS sever is controlled. The DNA severs may have different zones. A particular area is designed a different zone which is unique.

File Services
The files will be secured through the implementation of read only access in the servers. The read only access is utilised in the Windows Server 2016. On the other hand, the use of folder sharing is necessary only if it is needed but it should not be used at any given times. The root of the drive is not shared and should be protected.
The creation of files is important in communication because the communication is made easier. The files are made available on the cloud where users can access them from any location. The files allow cost reduction and increase the efficiency of the system. However, while operating on the cloud, the security of the data is important.
Quotas will be used to create files that are owned by the users such as the files for sales and other important files can be created by the management who will have the only authority to access the files. The configuration should be done through the creation of the quota template which is applied in some specific directory. Thus the quota file server (FSRM) controls the limitations of the users basing on the availability of the file and the way in which it is stored in the server. In the soft quota, the user is not restricted from the previous event which the client logged in.
Remote Services and Network Policy Server
The distributed file system which is one of the features of Window Server which that has capabilities which allows the system administrator of the Rockville office LLC to make a single namespace which gives a different infrastructure throughout the network. Through expanding our business, then there is need to connect our multiple offices located in different locations should be interconnected so that their employees can easily access the data, document, and information quickly. The DFS allows the servers to organise the scattered file share into the distributed file system. There is two type of namespace which we can configure on Window Server 2016. First is domain-based namespace and the second one is a standalone namespace. So in LLC from three locations Rockville, Mclean, and Richmond we can share the file and data as well as information we can share easily, and employee can access it from any device from any location. It increases the productivity of the company.
The software of Remote Service to open offices at different locations. To expand the business of solar panel across the different place our company LLC is going to open their offices at many other different sites is using the software of Remote Service is used by our employee from the central office Rockville to remotely monitor, repair and access the products from the customer’s site. It is very secure for service teams for troubleshooting the problems and tracks the performance. This service is a mixture of software and hardware which enable the remote access tool. Remote access service in Window Server 2016, it is necessary to create a remote access server to fulfil the needs of employees as well as the customer. Protect the primary office server of Houston by securing the remote access.
In group policy setting a collection of setting used to define how it will react with customers of solar panel and how it will appear. The user prevented from setting their password in an insecure manner as well as protection from the unknown user through remote computers by accessing the network. There is also the arrangement of what user can access on their computers. The management of systems becomes very smooth when all users connected through the group policy.
High performance Network
The high performance network is important in provision of real-time data and processing mechanism. The Activities include the data centre replication, recovery of the data, among other mechanisms. The networks increase on performance.
Software defined network.
This is a flexible platform that is dynamic, cost effective and adaptive. The network is directly programmable, Agile and centrally managed.
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