Week 2 Discussion Forum – Quantitative Research

ASSIGNMENT: Chapter 21 discusses the types of Quantitative (QN) research designs. This assignment is designed to assess your knowledge of QN research designs and your ability to apply your knowledge to discuss QN research with your classmates.

Nursing 406 Week 2


Do not use quotations in this discussion. Paraphrase your sources.


Read chapter 21 of your textbook on Quantitative research designs. For this assignment, you must understand the criteria that distinguishes the different research designs.


The standard care for diabetic patients with stage 2 or 3 pressure ulcers includes the use of antibiotic creams and daily dressing changes. Healing times can be weeks to months. It has been theorized that low-pressure pulsatile lavage may decrease the healing time for diabetic patients with stage 2 and 3 pressure ulcers in addition to the standard treatment. The research team is seeking to know the best design for testing this theory.

Your discussion for this week responds to the researchers question of design. Support your design selection with at least 2 scholarly journal articles related to your design selection. You can use your textbook for additional support.

Your initial post will:

a) Identify the problem under research.

b) State the purpose

c) Identify the hypothesis(es) or research question

d) Identify the intervention

d) Identify the dependent (DV) and independent (IV).

e) Identify the conceptual framework related to the researcher’s theory.

f) Identify the research design best suited for this study.

g) Discuss the design and why it would be the best.

Your initial post should be no less than 3 slides and no more than 5 slides . Reference slide does not count in the slide count. You must use in-text citations.

Your Power Point may use bullet points.

Upload your PPT into the DF by attaching it as a document

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