I’m stuck on a Political Science question and need an explanation.

Need done in 3 hours

these are the instructions

the documentary is bell hooks’ Cutural Criticism and Transformation)
You can read or watch about the documentary

Just need to make it seem as if I watched it
500 words please

Need done in a 3 hours max

In this class we have identified as one of our objectives the ability to fully engage, in critical ways, popular culture and its influence upon our political selves, our political sensibilities. With our focus on “deep differences” we find ourselves examining both documentary and feature-length film texts.

In 300-500 words share whether or not you believe the assigned documentary film text (bell hooks’ Cutural Criticism and Transformation) has the potential to transform one’s political sensibilities. And, if you believe that your personal political sensibilities have been (re)shaped or transformed by a particular film and/or style of film, say so. Again, the objective here is to share your thoughts pertaining to the major thesis presented in Democracy and Difference.


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