write a report according to this website.
and in class our teacher said that in this report , you need analysis the website sales strategy, and the price that comparing with other competition, what benifit your website will bring to your consumers, so your consumers choose this website. or something like consumers satisfactions.
below, they are the requsts which have given us .
SS013-6 Digital Business Management

Specifications for Assignment 1 – Semester 1 2015-16
[50% of the overall assessment, 2500 words]
This is an individual assessment.
Each student must only submit an e-copy online using ONLY BREO’s turnitin link. Please follow the instructions provided in BREO’s “Assignment” folder. Your work will NOT be assessed if you failed to submit a copy online before 11.59pm on 20 November 2015.
Note: Your e-copy submissions must contain the full report, i.e. front page, content, and references. And you must use full Harvard referencing.
You will be marked as fail if you have missed the deadline for online submission.
Your assignment will be scanned by a plagiarism detecting tool (turnitin). Any attempt of plagiarising your work will be detected and penalised.
Your assignment must be a piece of personal and genuine work. If suspected with plagiarism, fabrication, impersonation, or any other forms of academic offence, a viva will be conducted prior to the disciplinary action.
Any student, which fails to follow above specifications will NOT be assessed.
Non-assessed reports will be marked as “No Attempt” which is a “0” (G).

This assignment requires each student to critically evaluate a website of a company chosen by students. This report will build a critical analysis of your chosen website against a framework which is a distillation of the critical elements you have synthesised from your evaluation of relevant literature against specific concepts which you will be asked to investigate. Hence you will be able to comment on specific strengths and weaknesses of your chosen website and hence derive informed conclusions and recommendations for improving your chosen website.

First, you must research and select a company which has not been selected or previously analysed by your peers. The chosen company will be allocated to students on a first come first serve basis by registering your chosen company via a link in BREO for this unit.
Note: Please do not start work on the company until your company has been approved by tutor. A list of companies that are not allowed for this study will be provided on BREO.
You are expected to do much background reading from textbooks and other academic journal articles as well as conduct adequately research evidence to support your review, synthesis and discussion.
Reference style must follow Harvard Reference Systems, e.g. EJIS style (European Journal of Information Systems).
The report should be word-processed, the length of your critique should be around 2500 words (± 10%). Please state the number of words using Word Count function at the end of your report.
Focus of your Critical Appraisal:
Critically discuss the digital business strategy that the website pursues. This needs to include a definition of strategy.
Provide suggestions/recommendations for further improvement of the company’s digital business strategy. You need to provide a clear justification of your suggestions/recommendations.

Marking Criteria

Assignment 1 will be marked against the criteria of the following:
1. Application of business theory to construct appropriate frameworks for discussion
2. Identification of useful concepts and scenarios
3. Evaluation of e-Business model or approaches chosen by selected company
4. Depth and breadth of analysis
5. Clarity and cohesion of findings
6. Quality and justification of recommendations
7. Presentation, style, and adequate referencing

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